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South East of England in Photos

Photos taken on walks in the Cities, Towns & Villages of South East England

About the “Photographs”

The photographs were taken on walks through the villages, towns and cities of South East England. They are not intended to win any photographic competitions but are rather like the holiday snaps that millions of people take when on vacation. By looking at the slideshows I hope that you will get a better feel for a destination, rather than just reading about it in the travel guides.

The place names that are on each photo, is where the Photo was taken. In many cases, by using the street view in Google maps, it should be possible to see approximately where the photo was taken.

On many of the photos, a compromise was taken, to create an image 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, to fill the complete frame in the video of each slideshow. I am not a fan of slide shows with photos that only fit half of the frame.

For the photos taken in 2021 I used a Cannon EOS M5 set on auto focus. In 2023 I used a Cannon EOS 6D with a 24-100mm Lens. The photos were cropped in Photoshop Elements to 1920 x 1080 and the Brightness and Contrast adjusted, then optimised in Riot.

VSDC Free Video Editor & Win Movie Maker was used to create the video slideshows.

About "United Kingdom in Photos in Photos"

About the "Photographs"

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