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South East of England in Photos

Photos taken on walks in the Cities, Towns & Villages of South East England

About United Kingdom in Photos

Since 2009 I have been visiting Italy and have travelled extensively around this fascinating and beautiful county. As I usually planed our holidays myself, rather than going to a travel agent, I spent hours reading travel guides, but was finding it hard to really get a real feel for a place. Although there were photos on the internet, most of them were of the well-known places. This is where the germ of an idea about a website with lots of photos, giving the visitor a better feel for a place began. That website is now “Italy in Photos”.

In 2021I during the covid pandemic, I started to create another website – United Kingdom in Phots. The Pages have the same format as the Italian Site withe the photo galleries of the walk and the video and map pages, as well as the Tourist & Transport Information Pages, where you can find many informative and interesting blogs that I have visited.

At the present time, the site only showcases the Southeast of England featuring East Sussex, Ket & West Sussex. Over the time I plan to move across the central southern counties and into the West Country. © 2021 – 2023 Italy In Photos All Rights Reserved

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