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Is a village and civil parish in the Wealden district of East Sussex, England. The main village is located five miles north-east of Eastbourne, one mile inland from Pevensey Bay. The settlement of Pevensey Bay forms part of the parish. It was here that William the Conqueror made the landing in his invasion of England in 1066 after crossing the English Channel from Normandy, France.

Pevensey is situated on a spur of sand and clay, about 33 feet above sea level. In Roman times this spur was a peninsula that projected into a tidal lagoon and marshes. A small river, Pevensey Haven, runs along the north side of the peninsula and would originally have discharged into the lagoon, but is now largely silted up. The lagoon extended inland as far north as Hailsham and eastwards to Hooe. With the effect of longshore drift this large bay was gradually cut off from the sea by shingle, so that today’s marshes are all that remain behind the shingle beach.

The marshes, known as the Pevensey Levels, cover an area of around 47 square miles. The marshes are a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a large nature reserve, jointly owned by Natural England and the Sussex Wildlife Trust. There are many nationally rare plants and invertebrates, including the fen raft spider. The site is very fragile and general access is not permitted.

Pevensey is also the start point of the 1066 Country Walk which is a long-distance footpath covering many historical sites in the area. Wikipedia

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Video 1 – Richmond Road to Egerton Park
Approximately 0.84 miles – 1.35 km

The walk starts in High Street – Castle Road – Pevensey Castle, High Street – Church Lane – St Nicolas’ Church, Church Lane – Church Lane – Little End

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