United Kingdom in Photos

Photos taken on walks in the Cities,

Towns and Villages of the Untied Kingdom

Would you like to see what that UK, town or village looks like, before you book your holiday? Well, this should be the site for you. All the photos were taken on walks through many major cities and towns as well through tiny villages in out of the way places. Each place has a dedicated page, with a “Photo Gallery or Galleries” for each individual walk taken during the visit.

This site was created with the famous saying in mind “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”. Many of the places covered are extremely well known, but there are just as many lesser-known places to give you a flavour of these remarkably diverse and beautiful countries.  The routes taken on the walks, are shown with an interactive google map. If you feel inclined, it should be quite easy to follow in our footsteps, You can find the Videos & Maps, by going to the bottom of each page and clicking the Red Buttons for Videos and the Mauve Buttons for Maps. You will also find links to Travel Guides and Blogs for each place and region that is covered on this site. To see these, just click on the Black Button at the bottom of each page. For Restaurants click the Green Buttons & Accommodation Click the Blue buttons.

Please note that this site is in the early days of construction and will take a considerable amount of time before all the pages are populated. To see what it will eventually look like, click on countries in the main menu and you will be taken to “Italy in Photos” which is ranked number 1 in many search engines.